Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Crayon Rolls!



Here are some more of the crayon rolls.  These are for my first order!  I have many more to come.
Jenn, you are gonna love the Outer Space theme I am working on!  Liz gave me the idea for the shoe string tie which is on the top one.  I will be posting the Pencil Rolls soon too.  Enjoy!

Soon to come.............Sugar scrubs!


We are having a Thanksgiving at our house this year and I am getting really excited!  I got these great craft ideas sent to me from HP.  The Turkey Crayon Holder idea came from  You can download the turkey head and feet for free.  The Give Thanks craft came from HP creative studio.  I will post more later.  I am hoping to make a Tree of Thanks!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crayon Roll

I love these!  Fun to make.  It took me about an hour to make it.  I got the pattern on /Little Lizard King.  Bella has already claimed this one but doesn't know she is getting it. :)  I will be giving these out for Christmas to the kiddies in the family.